3 in 1

SAM- 3 IN 1

Product description

Steel prep 3 in 1 solution is a single pretreatment solution for metals such as iron, steel, and aluminum etc. Treatment with steel prep 3 in 1 renders the metal free of grease, oil rust and deposits a chemically converted protective coating which provides a better key to the paint. This treatment also provides a better under-film corrosion resistance and gives durable paint life. Chemical treatment with steel prep 3 in 1 is superior to sanding and mineral spirit wiping. 

Areas of application

Steel furniture, light fittings, slotted angle, machine boodles, chemicals and electrical equipment’s, automobile and cycle parts etc. 

Direction for use

Steel prep 3 in 1 is to be diluted with water in the proportions of 1:1 or 1:2 depending upon the extent of rust and grease present it should then be applied by swabbing or brushing then wash the surface e thoroughly before applying the paint


The solution may cause irritation if it falls on bare hands or skin. Such area should be immediately washed with plenty of water.